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A series of conference tables set in the shape of the letter U, with chairs around the outside.
Used for

This layout style is often used for Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings, or discussion groups where there is a speaker, audio-visual presentation or other focal point.

Good work space
Good interaction between participants
Ideal when audio-visual or speakers are involved

Not ideal for larger group

Theatre Style
Seats or chairs in rows facing a stage area, head table, or speaker (with no conference table)

Used for

This is the most efficient set-up when the attendees will act as an audience.  This set-up is not recommended for food events or if note taking is required.

Good for large groups when reading/writing are not required


Elevation changes needed for large groups
No writing surface
Minimal group interaction

Classroom Style

Rows of conference tables with chairs facing the front of a room (and usually a speaker), providing writing space for each person.
 Used for
This room set-up is ideal for note taking, meetings requiring multiple handouts or reference materials, or other tools such as laptop computers. This is the most comfortable set-up for long sessions and allows refreshments to be placed within reach of each attendee.
Presenter can see all participants
Accommodates large groups in less space
Minimal interaction possible
Participants only see each other’s backs
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Conference or Boardroom Style

A rectangular or oval table set up with chairs around all sides and ends.

Used for
This table layout is often used for Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings, or discussion groups. 

Not ideal for audio-visual presentations
Not ideal for speakers
Not ideal for larger groups


Good work space
Good working atmosphere

Not ideal for larger groups

Banquet Rounds

A group of round tables, each seating 6-10 people usually, set to facilitate serving food, usually in a hexagonal or square design.

1/2 Rounds
Seating around 1/2 of the table so all are facing towards the front allowing everyone to face a presenter.

Best usage

Banquet-style is the setup plan of choice for most meal functions. In addition, it is also useful for small business meetings and breakouts or groups involving group interaction and/or note taking.

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